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Let’s Raise A Glass To Our Internet Grandad

The 5th August 2006 saw one gentleman attempt his hand at YouTube which to many of was rather unusual, mainly because at the time this well spoken gentleman Peter Oakley, who went by the username of geriatric1927 was 79 years of age. Well eight years, 42,456 subscribers and over 400 videos later at the age […]

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Vine: One Year On

Exactly one year ago today I arrived back at 7th Chamber HQ feeling well rested from vast amounts of street food and several whiskey hangovers, courtesy of my two week holiday to Thailand. As I am sure you will agree, working in this industry means it can be pretty hard to switch off, however I […]

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2012, a year in viral

Whilst we all suffer at the wrath of the office DJ playing repeats of Wizzard and Wham we also tend to look back on the last year, reflect on the ups and downs and hopefully all agree that the last twelve months have been rather swell. We have seen the first black president of the […]

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Social Power of John Lewis

It’s November, your local supermarkets have stocked up on christmas treats and everyone you know is complaining that it is far too early for Slade to be on the radio again. Amongst the screams of “it’s chrissttmaasssssss” and the Regent Street festive lights (which are for some reason sponsored by Marmite!) we all pull our […]

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Social Media: The Dark Side

As you may all have heard this morning, Disney have purchased Lucasfilm for the small sum of $4bn, just a small sum of money. But what did catch my attention is that Disney now own the rights to all Lucasfilm content and are rumoured to now be releasing Star Wars VII in 2015, as if […]

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Broken Britain

On Monday evening I watched a gritty self-funded film titled ‘ill Manors’. Firstly I suggest that if you have not seen this film then you should spend the time to watch it. Secondly, I felt that I needed to put down onto paper some of the feelings and thoughts about the youth culture of modern […]

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Apple x World Domination

Last week saw the announcement of a ‘completely redesigned’ iPhone. I use the official term that Jonathan Ive himself used in the official Apple iPhone 5 video. I prefer to use this term very loosely due to the nature of this device from my point of view and the features it holds, and I am […]

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Let’s chat about Pussy Riot

Over the last few months you may of heard about a group of musicians in a band named Pussy Riot…Are they the face of free speech or just promoters of hooliganism? Whatever your thoughts on the subject you have to remember that these women are part of a punk band and groups within this genre […]

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Policing In Social Media

I began this morning trying to overcome the creative block that has seemed to plague my mind the last week or so and after knocking down the wall that I felt was placed in front of me, and in light of recent events within social media I have decided to touch upon a very delicate […]

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