Content distribution through people and conversations

What we do

Authentic and credible distribution via people and conversations, not Ad units.

With over 12 years of experience delivering earned media and Word of Mouth endorsements, we offer access to a global network of blogs and influencers across all geographies and social platforms.

How we do it

Targeting technology

We leverage real-time intelligence from distribution partners and social platforms to identify key consumer characteristics, actions, demographic and social DNA. We then marry this multi-layered data to our distribution platform to amplify your message.


Through extensive global relationships, we distribute your content into the most popular blogs based on topics and audiences relevant to your campaign, commonly supported by a post on the bloggers’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Native Activation

Our portfolio of publishers strategically activate In-Feed, In-Page positions across premium publications to help find your audience using contextually relevant Call To Actions aligning the campaign with your audience in the most effective environments.

Influencer amplification

We work with influencers across the verticals of Fashion, Automotive, Travel, Technology, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Sport and Entertainment. We also hold key relationships in the luxury space with leading influencers for the more discerning audiences.

Like us, our clients are not fixated by simply generating impressions or YouTube views, rather they are more interested in appearing in the right environment, to the right people and generating meaningful consumer interaction across the popular digital landscape. Our service is tailored to your needs to achieve campaign goals.

You’ll be in great company.

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